Centralized Content Curation



Give certification to your trainee after completion



Increase availability of your trainings to 100%



Accessing the platform from anywhere with mobile devices.

Hetu Changing Lives

Education making a milestone for the growth of municipality. 

Hetu lets the community school teachers learn and get training at ease at the comfort of their own homes. The municipality is able to impart trainings to all the teachers at once.

Power of Learning Management System

Know Shyam’s Story

Meet Shyam. He is talented teacher in rural area and wants to  grow but has difficulty in walking and uses support.

He uses Hetu in his mobile and gets updated. Now he does not have to travel long distance for trainings.

Shyam's Story
Bimala's Story

Know Bimala’s Story

Meet Bimala. She is a great teacher and a mother of two. She along with her teaching profession has to take care of her kids. So, she misses the trainings as she has to take care of her children.

She using Hetu now, learns from her home whilst taking care of her kids and learns along with her children.