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The life of every living being starts with the Process of Learning. Whether an animal or a fellow human, we have been through the process of learning whether we acknowledge it or not.

Since birth, a child sees the world around, looks at things in excitement, explores the things that look out of the frame in the picture.
Then, the child has the sense that he/she has to know about things, people and the world around him. The pets, toys, books, the neighbors, the familiar faces around are constantly being set and cast in the child’s mind. According to experts, this is the time where the child on average learns more than 200 things per day.

After the child learns words, a vast world is then for him/her to explore. Through the medium of language, many things are explored, learned about and understood later and better with time.

With time, the learning process gets structured. We are constantly taught by our parents, older siblings and see the world partly through their eyes. This helps the child to be safe from certain risks and overall maintains the well-being of the children.

With the start of the formal education system as a part of learning that has been prevailing since the long past, the knowledge got categorized. We then were able to learn about multiple subjects at once.

This led to a structured process of learning. We go to schools, colleges, institutions to know about something that we wish to know.
Later on, we come to a point where we also share our knowledge with our peers, family, and friends. We then, become a source of knowledge.
A new process thus is started, where we become more of a giver and less of a seeker. Thus, it continues the Process of Learning.

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