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“A for Apple, B for Ball.” “The due date of the assignment is the next day, without submitting it you’ll fail the exam.” “Pay attention to the class while learning.” “You’ll have to pay fines if you don’t attend classes regularly.” “This is one of the most important questions for exam practice it more”.

This is what our education system, traditional teaching has taught us. These phrases are common to any generation of people who have attended any educational institution. Come to school, sit in class, listen to everything said by the teacher, go home. Do the homework then repeats the routine process again tomorrow. The Learning Experience through Competency-Based Learning seems to be nowhere.

At this age, the whole world has been fascinated with artificial intelligence but in reality, the thing is different. Our education system has already been manufacturing robots out of humans. Everyone’s automated to do the same task, at the same time. The astonishing fact is, they want the same desired result, too.

When learning something that requires a reminder every human’s stride is different. The learning management system needs to be regardless of time, place and speed.  The reins should be given in the hands of students rather than others. Consequently, they can master their skills at their own pace.

Learning Experiences in Competency-Based Learning, if anyone fails to meet the expected learning standard they should receive more time and instruction to help them achieve the competency. If every student can access the same content the teacher does, there is less of a need for the class to move together. And students are able to prove their understanding of more personal and authentic terms.

Every student can learn, not just on the same day or the same way”.

As George Evans says.

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