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As Diane Ackerman says,” Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.”

Back in school days, I always got really excited when the teacher said that we were going to have a quiz/ debate. In my mind, the idea of learning was only connected to the boring lectures, the idea about Learning Through Play was not even on the list. The games/ play method was a fun way to relieve us of the torture of the closed box.

Metaphorically, students compare the classroom to a closed box. Because the knowledge that we were gaining seems to be only from the oration on the topics from the teacher’s mind. Games, on the other hand, exhilarates our mind taking them off from the monotonous routine, bind us to the sense of relaxation that we don’t even realize that we are learning.

 Students never really ask the teacher,” Why are we playing the game?” Rather the question is “When  will we play it again?” As a teacher, the main aim is to help the students to learn. So why not teach the students the way they want to learn?

Hold the key to your imagination

One of the popular dilemmas of the ages is “Are the books better or the movies?” My answer was and will always be books because the books allow me to have my own imagination rather than seeing things only from someone else’s perception. That is what games are to me. Here, I don’t have to answer the question or do the activity as our teacher asks us to. But the ball is in my court so the choice I make is in my hand, the arguments I make are my point of view and the decisions I make are my take on the world.

Implementation of learning

Games are a way of giving us engaging practice. We may read about some stuff, have it all on our head from the very beginning to the end. The question is, how long will you remember that stuff? But by playing games you will not be trying to remember the stuff only, here you will be implementing them. As it’s said that one learns by making mistakes, whether the answer you gave is correct or not doesn’t matter. You will also make mistakes and learn the correct way while you are playing the relative game.

Extra Skills

Another thing Learning Through Play in Hetu LMS supports is you don’t learn about your course material. You learn other things too like critical thinking skills, creativity, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. You’ll be more competent. The person starts to develop a variety of connections with the course material. The things learnt are saved in the form of positive memories.

The permission of thinking out of the box and the ability to make changes on one-way followed decisions are from a creative mind. And that comes from the stress-free environment, open mind & focus by Learning Through Play in Hetu LMS. The advantages of learning through games cannot be denied. In an article published by the members of University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany they concluded that game-based E-learning results in higher outcome performance of students compared to a traditional script-based instructional approach.

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