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It’s weird to see how far the world has come in terms of science and technology. Looking back at the old days always make me smile and cherish the improvements that we have made. As much as I can remember, from going to school carrying books and copy now we carry laptops to college.

Every face of the world is changing due to technology so why not give it a try towards education, too. I can remember my teacher always carried a file, where she recorded our performances throughout the year.

Why put so much manual labor on things when the technology can easily handle the things? Like storing the data of every student and even report their performances of that time being.B

Make technology do the work

Back then, every one of us wanted to peek at the file out of curiosity to know more about yourself. Instead of making those files just another paper which will be printed at the end of our year’s mark sheet. It is much better if we can actually look at the result during the time when the course is running. We can reflect on the results and even improve on those factors which we are not so good at.

No more procrastination

The way of tracking our own progress while learning can be a boon to the learner. If I can easily know what I have been working on from anywhere since the data was stored, I don’t have any reason not to do the work. If this system was available when I was back in school, I would not need an extension for my assignment most of the time.

Analyze your own skill

To the students, the monitoring system will help them to attain personal learning goals or, others of any targeted benchmark. On the other hand, it will allow the teacher to evaluate their own teaching. Like if it has been fruitful or not, if there is a need for changing the way they teach, e.t.c. Not only that, but the teacher will also be able to analyze the performance level of the learner for a specific skill and provide them help accordingly.

Teachers do work a lot when they Monitor Learners’ Performance and Progress but since this system automatically stores the student’s data, its a win-win situation for both parties. Students can improve their own performance and the same is for the teachers, too.

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