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When the final results come out, awards are given to the students with the highest marks. Even to those with other extra talents. Giving out awards is a way to celebrate people’s hard work. It is also a way to encourage them to keep working hard. As for others, they can get encouraged for the same kind of success.

There is this little 5-year-old girl who has just joined school a few months back. Like every little kid, she hated doing school’s work. The only thing that she wanted to do is either watch TV or play games on mobile phones.

One day she looked really chirpy when she came back home, she actually sat down and started doing her homework. This surprised everyone. Everyone found the main reason for this incident when she went to everyone and showed her copy.

She had drawn a small flower on her copy. And on the side, her teacher had given her a star along with ‘Good Job’. As she showed this, everyone congratulated her for her small success and encouraged her to do better.

Motivate the students

Lack of motivation and encouragement leads to unwanted outcomes, like a high rate of dropouts and poor application of learning. You can easily punish students not doing their work but how about teachers making a little effort and appreciating any small thing that students do. So that they will be encouraged to do more instead of being forced or ordered against their will. This is what Compliance and Certification support from Hetu LMS aims to give.

Proof of your excellence

Showcasing the badge that you got for doing well on a course in your profile picture can surely boost your confidence. And along with that also boost other students’ hard work in order to achieve that same badge. This will give you the credibility of learning. It will in a way or another also provide proof of your competency; it is kind of like a stamp of your excellence.

Update your skills and knowledge

Getting Compliance and Certification Support from Hetu LMS is not just about learning things. It is also about updating your knowledge every now and then. The world that we live on right now is very dynamic and flexible, the changes happen every second. So if you really want to move ahead in our career then you need to stay updated to the current technologies and regulations that affect your profession.

And learning is a continuous process, so never stop learning.

Learning is a continuous process it should not end with exams.

Learning is a productive process it should not be disturbed with results.

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