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Digitization term-wise means – To encode the analog information that we have in hand and turn into Zeros and Ones so that the computers can read them, write on them, store them and transfer them into other electronic devices.

According to Gartner’s IT Glossary, “Digitization is the process of changing from analog to digital form”. The information gets changed into a discrete bit(s) of data and is in binary format.

The digitization of information is guiding the world today. Currently, there are many people who prefer to take notes on their electronic devices compared to the traditional notebooks, copies of papers and this number is constantly growing. The utility comes within access and usage.

We are able to modify and transmit content quite easily if they are digital. There is a boom in technology and the availability of the internet everywhere. It is much easier and convenient to share any information through the web than any other medium.

Access to digital content is easier for many people. The Internet is one big example. More books can be accessed through the internet than all of the world’s biggest libraries combined. Digital content also allows us to share important information quickly and to a vast audience.

Benefits of Digital Content

Analog media are constantly digitized and most of the new products are already in digital form. Books, movies, audio, letters, magazines, newspapers – most of these content can be published on the web digitally.
The benefits- less paperwork, less transport time, and as a whole less effect on the environment.

The learning habits that we have are being constantly digitized today, too. The generation who has learned more through computers and the internet are the pillars of development. This generation, called the I-phone generation as we grew with the smartphones. The people need the information on their phones and fin not because they don’t read books, but because they find it easier. People study all kinds of content digitally.
Also, any information which has already made digital and stored somewhere once does not vanish. Digitizing information thus makes it easier to preserve, access, and share.

Digitization has made our learning easier. The audio, videos, files being available to everyone makes the overall knowledge of the world just better and the information more accessible.

Along with that, any knowledge that is in your possession can be changed into texts, audios, video files. If you digitalize it, this information can be easily shared with the world.

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