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“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow’. – John Dewey

The perks of being part of this generation are you get to live through numerous innovation and technologies that come out every day. Some of them live to see another day while some of them don’t and very few exceptions among them end up making history.

Against the predictions from the critics, the internet not only lived another day but changed the way humans live their day. Internet prevailed and has been booming ever since. The virtual world that the internet provides seems to be more accessible to possibilities than the real one.

There have been changes in the way people learn too. With a lot of busy schedules and easy accessibility to the internet, the idea about learning through the internet popped out.

Online learning has been a popular way these days for people to get an education since it is convenient to saves your time any money. Otherwise, living in this competitive world while juggling your career with personal life and along with that attending traditional course classes can make a dent in your already busy schedule.  According to statistics, educational apps has become the 3rd most popular app category in May 2019 which means learning through apps can reshape the future of education.

But still, the question arises, why e-learning? 

Here’s why.

I present to you the Advantages of Hetu LMS (Learning Management System):

Learn at your own time and pace

The E-learning as it is popularly known gives you the chance to learn the things that you love that too, at your own pace. You would not have to worry about missing a class or not understanding a certain portion. You can easily take the class again tomorrow whenever you have free time.

Yes, free time. Learn the things that you want to learn in your free time. You will not be pressured with the course moving ahead than your pace or the examination date nearing too early. Even if you have not found time to revise the course. The students can always attend their class by participating in the discussion board or chat sessions. And watch their lectures or read the needed materials.

Makes everyone technology friendly

Not only students but the e-learning also gives the opportunity to the teachers to increase their technological and technical skills. Because of this, they prepare and share files, conduct sessions, quizzes, assignments all online. This gives them the key to making their course more interactive, & creative. the way they want it to be, the students will understand the best. As George Cuoros says,” Technology will not replace the great teacher but technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational.”

For most of us, who have been learning under the mentorship of the teachers all the life,  the idea about online education might be a big change to adjust. But changes are there to create a difference and this change will help you to make your studying easier.

Develop extra skills and knowledge easily

In the competitive world, only getting a degree doesn’t seem to fulfill the demands of the career path you want for you. For that, you need to get as much as skills and knowledge you can get. If you want to sharpen your already existing skills or add another, you can easily learn the skills through online learning. You will be lucky to have access to any great teacher from all around the globe. This will open doors that otherwise remain closed.

Grow through your disabilities

Online learning is one of the most cost-effective ways of educating the world’s expanding workforce. As Paul Levinson says, “Online Education can be a lifeline to those who have obstacles, such as geographical differences or physical disabilities.”. The key is not to think about the difficulties and reasons why you cannot do things but to learn to adapt to anything that comes our way. And not just swim but surf through the way towards the journey of learning.

Question anything and everything

One of the boons of e-learning is you don’t have to worry about getting embarrassed when you don’t get the answers right. So when the teachers use different and creative learning tools, you can give the answer that comes to your mind. Ask any questions that you have doubts about. And fail however times until you yourself are able to pull yourself up. If you are shy and timid then it gives you more opportunity. You participate in forum discussions and the team works more easily than face-to-face.

Makes learning fun

Learning isn’t just about note memorization. Learners might gain knowledge from the dull learning process. But later they will have a really hard time to solve the real-life problem.  Collaborative learning tools allow learners to discover new methods of working towards achieving goals and objectives in an interactive manner. Through customized fun based learning, online education will allow students to be more confident and independent thinkers.

In the long run, traditional learning does not seem to be giving us choices. It’s like they tell us that Apple is red & it’s sweet, the rest of it’s left to our imagination. But E-learning not only gives us a clear picture of what an apple is but also shows us its different species. The choice is up to us to remember and write what we think is needed. The idea of being fed the things that have been chewed doesn’t seem appealing when you can cut it and cook what you want to cook. When we can clearly see the Advantages of Hetu LMS (Learning Management System), Why not just choose the better option?

Given these points, the usefulness of online education cannot be ignored. It is not just an alternative to get your education easily. But also a way to sharpen your skills and the hobbies you want to follow. Though this article might seem one-sided biased only showing the positive side of online learning. If we keep on searching the pros and cons of everything, we will lose certain things. Mainly those which we desperately want to learn and experience.

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