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‘The easy portability of mobile phones is the game-changer in learning.’

Some people find it surprising when asked if the app or the website is easily accessible through the phone. They think that the person doesn’t own a laptop or a computer. But that’s not the case.

Today’s era has come so forward in the field of technology that a small device that we hold on our hand is capable of doing tasks like any modern-day computer. The next point is since mobile is a handheld device it is easily accessible whereas the computers take some time even to start.

It is estimated that eLearning takes 40% to 75% less time than classroom training for a particular course. A research recently conducted at the University of KwaZulu-Natal revealed that 92% of students say that it is easier due to Mobile Learning Support in the LMS to improve their access to information. ‘You can access it anywhere, you just need a computer, internet access – no software is required,’ said Ms. Fiona Walters, a Senior Technician at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Learn anywhere

These benefits of using a mobile phone have been caught the eye of learners, too. They mostly prefer using their phones. When we think about online learning through the LMS apps, the thing that comes to mind is, it gives you the freedom to study at your own time. So the time that you choose to call as your free time might be the break after your classes, traveling time, or when your children are at school e.t.c. Since learning is a  continuous process, don’t let small barriers stop you from learning what you want to. Rather be optimistic and figure out how you can use it to your advantage.

Utilize the little time in between tasks

During the little time you get in between different tasks, find a way to learn something. In this little time, you don’t really sit down and open your computer to study. You just pick up your phone and start to surf wherever you are. The main idea about online learning is to help you study along with the busy schedule you carry. When you are on the move or on a break, you can’t be bothered with opening your big textbooks. You just open up the Hetu’s LMS site, enter the keyword and voila you have the answer.

Get easily engaged in the course

When it comes to millennials, they spend a high amount of time on their phones. Some of the formats on the learning platform is similar to the general format of how a smartphone works. So the engaging capacity of the Mobile Learning Support of the Hetu LMS system is considered high. This will not only assure your usages of the system through mobile phones but also increase the rate of completion of the course. When you get the chance to learn things effortlessly, you ought to get interested.

No need to sit idle

By simply using a responsive website or downloading the learning app on your phone, you will be able to easily access learning materials in a short time. You don’t have to sit idle thinking what to do, just learn a new thing. You can also just utilize the little-little time that you just spend doing nothing in the day. Actually, learn something at that time. The search for any type of new keyword is easier too.

The best thing about this is you don’t have to separate the long hours from your schedule to go somewhere and learn. But you can rather learn while you are going somewhere. The Mobile Learning Support that Hetu LMS provides will be beneficial in all these factors to the learners.

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