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We have always loved many things about schools and colleges but tests and assessments aren’t one of them. The idea of learning and giving tests is familiar with every student as they only seek to see what they have learned. In the case of competency-based learning, the idea of assessment with testing is a valid starting point.

Here in, LMS, learning is based on a feedback loop between the instructor and the learner. Teaching alone will never be enough, periodical progress checks need to be done. And online tests and assessments are one of the many advantages that E-learning has over the traditional paper and pen tests.


Preparing a game-like quiz is a no-biggie for the e-learning tests. And that is for sure more engaging than the boring multiple-choice questions. Virtual reality has the capacity to immerse students into the world which seems real and both guides students through many decisions making processes. It is said that 65% of the population are visual learners. Also, the visual learners remember 75% of what they see or read, based on this.

Analytical for the teacher

Taking exams is inevitable even though students seem to dislike it, it is due to the many pros that it has. The first one is to determine whether or not the course’s learning objective has been achieved. Without any tests and assessments, the teaching process will be like a never-ending road. No one knows what their goal is they just know that they need to learn. Moreover, teachers will be able to analyze their own way of teaching which will help them to design courses in such a way that it will be understandable to the students.

Analytical for the students

The goal is set by both the teachers and students regarding the course. Teachers set their goals for effective learning whereas the students set their goals to figure out if they have got the most out of the things that have been taught to them. They can see for themselves where their skill and knowledge stand. It is one of a tool for their self-improvement. Likewise, they can gauge their knowledge and learning process.

Undoubtedly, the testing process makes students competitive, it assesses your skills, knowledge, and attitude. The results, ranks, grades make them want to get more and more. In the same way, if seen optimistically, it’s like a motivating factor for them to learn more.

Uncover Student’s Thinking

Similarly, if we talk about the online learning process it’s of high importance. Here the teachers and students have not been face-to-face with each other. The various interactive activities done in the course is a way to learn about others. Testing and assessment give the teachers a perfect way to figure out the current skill level of the learner. Then provide them with the certain skill that they lack.

The best way to get along with the idea about the tests and exams is you don’t have to just let the teachers judge your paper. Judge it by yourself too. Assess what you lack, what you need to improve from now on and work for it.

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