Competency-Based Learning

Reading Time: 2 minutes “A for Apple, B for Ball.” “The due date of the assignment is the next day, without submitting it you’ll fail the exam.” “Pay attention to the class while learning.” “You’ll have to pay fines if you don’t attend classes regularly.” “This is one of the most important questions for exam practice it more”. This […]

Learning Through Play

Reading Time: 3 minutes As Diane Ackerman says,” Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” Back in school days, I always got really excited when the teacher said that we were going to have a quiz/ debate. In my mind, the idea of learning was only connected to the boring lectures, the idea about Learning Through Play was […]

Process of Learning

Reading Time: 2 minutes The life of every living being starts with the Process of Learning. Whether an animal or a fellow human, we have been through the process of learning whether we acknowledge it or not. Since birth, a child sees the world around, looks at things in excitement, explores the things that look out of the frame […]